Hunger Royale
Are you brave enough for a battle royale game like Hunger Royale online? All of your surviving skills will be challenged in this free-for-all Strategy game. You have to focus on killing all enemies on the map as you attempt to protect yourself from being destroyed by them, and... Read more
Put all your effort into taking over points and trying to keep them safe from enemies in a nice Strategy Shooter game called! You will play with your teammates to carry out this kind of mission, so be sure to make some excellent teamwork during the combat. You... Read more
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Make your way through a lot of platforms in to aim and shoot down all enemies now! In this nice 2D Shooting game, you will confront with a lot of skilled enemies, so if you don’t destroy them first, they will surely wipe you out sooner or later.... Read more
Show off your tank-controlling skill in and try to defeat all enemies in a fierce tank battle. You start to move the tank around the arena to shoot down the rivals getting in your sight while protecting yourself from being destroyed by them. The more enemies you kill,... Read more
As a nice 2D Shooter Asteroids game, takes you to fierce space ruled by lots of starships. Get yourself ready for an epic space battle and try your hardest for the glory. In the game, you direct your ship around in order to gather bonuses, then, use them... Read more