In, you will compete against a huge number of players in a brutal combat. Being armed with just a pickaxe, you must use it to mine some good materials and use them to create lots of defensive walls that will keep you safe from the enemy attacks during... Read more
Mage War ( – an awesome web browser game about the mages trying to fight one another using their different spells. You are one of them and you must use your spells with deadly magic combos to kill your opponents. Make sure you drain their health using the magic,... Read more

2D ShooterIo Games November 26, 2018 0 is an epic aircraft dogfight simulator forcing you to compete against lots of enemy airplanes for the arena supremacy. You pilot your aircraft around in the skies trying to shoot down everything in sight. The battle is kind of entertaining but very intense. You must use the ammo... Read more
Get ready to battle against enemies in a brutal and ruthless combat in! This is another awesome web browser IO game that you add to the list. In the game, you take control of a little character and make your way through the big arena full of pellets.... Read more is an amusing 2D shooter game in which players will fight one another for a chance of dominating the big arena. You begin as a tiny basic boat armed with two side cannons and you must move around the seas to gather the colored orbs as well as... Read more
BASSDROP.CLUB is a must-play tank-themed web browser game. You direct your own tank that is armed with large speakers around a huge map to fight against many enemies. Your speakers are able to emit the ultimate amount of bass, which helps you shoot your tank into the air easily... Read more