Tolxy is a new Agario-inspired game online promising to keep the players more engaged. Although the gameplay has nothing new, you will still want to play it over and over again. When spawning in the map, you start directing a small cell around the map trying to absorb other... Read more
Prepare yourself for a fierce combat between the cats and mice in! These animals always hate each other, leading to a brutal fight. You are allowed to pick your favorite size before entering the combat. Regardless of any side you pick, the cat team or the mouse team,... Read more is a cute Agario Style 2D Shooter game in which you play as a lovely nibbler moving around a huge map to collect a lot of tasty food for your evolution. You are able to shoot bullets to kill the rivals that are nearby you. So, try to... Read more
In, you play as a solitary lord trying to build up a large army and create your own big territory. You’re going to face off against so many hordes of enemies in this free-for-all Strategy game, so have your skills ready for the challenges. At first, you have... Read more
Set in a wonderful fantasy world, will keep you addicted and entertain you by taking you to a challenging combat where you must annihilate your opponents using your given broadsword. You have entered the arena, so never look back, just keep moving forward and put all of your... Read more
In the world of, all players have to use their sausages to fight against each other. You spawn with a small sausage which must be used as your main weapon, and try to roam around the map collecting as many food orbs as possible to increase the size... Read more