In the world of, all players have to use their sausages to fight against each other. You spawn with a small sausage which must be used as your main weapon, and try to roam around the map collecting as many food orbs as possible to increase the size... Read more
You take on a role of a little frog in game, and your job is to fight against other enemy frogs for a lot of prizes and the highest rank on the leaderboard. When you spawn, you begin to hop around the map trying to find the flies... Read more is a tough and cruel dogfight game in which you become a pilot controlling a big spaceship around in space to fight against other enemies. Make your way through a vast map as you attempt to gather stardust which will help grow the size of your ship. Also,... Read more
Show off your tank-controlling skill in and try to defeat all enemies in a fierce tank battle. You start to move the tank around the arena to shoot down the rivals getting in your sight while protecting yourself from being destroyed by them. The more enemies you kill,... Read more
Play as a human or a cockroach in which is an exciting Agario Style and Strategy game online! You have a choice to pick your favorite side before entering the map. As a human, your main goal is to attack the cockroach team while protecting yourself from being... Read more is an online 2D Shooter game that is inspired by and Join it now to fight against lots of enemies and prove your shooting skills to them. It’s not hard much to shoot at the rivals, but you must follow Rock Paper Scissors rules. Take control... Read more