You can add Loomen.io game to a game list that consists of games like Agar.io. The biggest challenge in this IO game is that you have to roam the map without enough lights. You have to control your small character and try to eat as many generated orbs as... Read more
Fight against all enemies as a strong and cunning fighter in 2099.io game! In this 3D Shooter game, it’s all about a fierce fight taking place in the year 2099 when the planet is intruded by wicked alien robots, monsters and even evil enemies. The world needs you, the... Read more
Use your strategies to conquer all challenges and beat your opponents in Lavafloor.io game! You are taken to an arena full of lava. Your job is to make others fall into it while trying to protect yourself from being pushed by others. Making strategic moves is a crucial thing... Read more
Bomby.io game has awesome challenges and a wonderful gameplay that will get you addicted to it. In this classic Power-ups game, you become an Emoji that has to roam the map to collect as many Jewels as possible while trying to dodge Meanies and other evil players. You can... Read more
In the vast arena of Starflict.io, the players have to control their own stars and try to survive longer so they can become the best star of all. Play this awesome Space game free for all now to begin your challenges. Your star is very weak, and it only... Read more
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