If you are looking for an engaging space-themed 2D Shooter game to play, then surely Kazap.io will suit your desire! The game drops you in a huge universe where you direct a small starship around the map to shoot down all enemies then collect their orbs to grow your... Read more
Oreshk.io is a Space MMORPG browser based game focusing on an intense combat between online opponents. You spawn in the arena with your basic ship and you must fly it around in space to battle against the rivals. Try to blast them all using your weapon while protecting yourself... Read more
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As a nice 2D Shooter Asteroids game, Zorelit.io takes you to fierce space ruled by lots of starships. Get yourself ready for an epic space battle and try your hardest for the glory. In the game, you direct your ship around in order to gather bonuses, then, use them... Read more