Battlz.Club is an exciting fighting game online in which you have to fight against your opponents for a chance of touching glory. That’s everybody’s goal here, but it’s not easy to obtain when you have to face off against many skilled rivals who can totally wipe you out very... Read more
Play a fun ocean-themed IO game called! You will be armed with a small boat and have to make your way through the watery world full of challenges so you can fight against many opponents for your survival. They are very strong and can cause you to be... Read more is a space battle game that is free to play. Give it a shot now for further challenges and see how well you can solve them all using your abilities. When you spawn in the space arena, you begin to control a spaceship to hunt down a lot... Read more
It must be so wonderful to experience a great magical world in a great MMO game called You will meet a lot of wizards, fellow mages and lots of monsters to deal with. Every single player has 7 elements to use for creating their own spells. You have... Read more is a super fun card fighting game where you play against lots of enemies from around the world. You direct a cute cartoon car, and your job is to run into other enemies so you can take them out before they kill you. Your car has a front... Read more
In game, you will direct a car bumper around a huge map to get rid of your opponents while defending yourself from their attacks. Your bumper is very stronger, so you just need only one touch from it to wipe out the rivals. However, this thing can happen... Read more