In the fun Ocean-themed Strategy game called, you will take control of a salmon swimming around in the sea, and it’s your job to increase its size through over time while trying to get to the goal area for a victory. There will be lots of other salmons... Read more is an amazing Racing and Strategy game online in which you have to roll your ball to the ending of the map before time is up. You will race against other balls controlled by real opponents, so take this chance to show off your skills. Along the way,... Read more is an Ocean-themed Racing game online in which you direct your own lightning-fast boat around the map to hunt for the enemies and destroy them all using various weapons, like laser, grenade launcher or even some cool power-ups. You should focus on killing them as much as you... Read more
Are you ready to become the best footballer in Jump into this Sports game now and demonstrate all the skills you have. You have to run through a vast map trying to find a ball then quickly kick it into the enemy goal to earn more points. Make... Read more
Present your driving skills in a wonderful Racing IO Game called! The game is very similar to, however, you will still experience the differences. Instead of controlling a cell, now you will direct your own car around the arena to slay all pedestrians for more experiences as... Read more
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Hacked
In this interesting Shopping Cart Hero 2 Hacked game, you will help the stickman move as far as possible. Push a cart, get in and see the distance you can reach. Remember to buy upgrades in the shop! Have fun! Every upgrade in this game is free. Read more