Play a wonderful classic RPG game called for a lot of fun! This browser-based game even consists of the survival element. You begin to direct a small fly then try to survive all dangers in this world full of skilled opponents. Start to find a lot of food,... Read more is an Upgrades Strategy game with RPG element. You are taken to a dangerous world where many mages are trying to fight against each other for their survival. Prepare your excellent skills to play with them. You need to pick your special magical power, like Pyro, Froster, or... Read more
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You take on a role of a little frog in game, and your job is to fight against other enemy frogs for a lot of prizes and the highest rank on the leaderboard. When you spawn, you begin to hop around the map trying to find the flies... Read more is a cool Tank RPG game opening a savage battle for you and opponents to fight. If you are looking for a new tank combat, make sure you won’t skip this one. The game takes an inspiration from the NES’s Battle City, which can make you feel nostalgic... Read more
A fierce battle between skilled stickmen is about to happen! Join Battlestick game right now to show off your abilities and fight off all your enemies. This is such a savage fight, so you shouldn’t underestimate anyone in the arena. Take control of your stickman carefully, and prepare your... Read more