ORBz.io is a space web browser game online where you use three orbs to deal damage to the enemies while protecting yourself from soaking damage from the enemy orbs at the same time. Be sure to collect many figures to get health points. Also, this will help power up... Read more
In Antwar.io game, you control a single ant and your mission is to colonize your own land. You start by making some room for the colony, excavate dirt in the ground, place eggs within them for your ants to hatch within. In addition, you must go search for some... Read more
In Starjack.io, you direct a naval fleet around in space to aim and shoot down all enemies. For every enemy you destroy, you will earn a spaceship and you can add it to your army. Keep doing so until you build the largest one in the entire arena, which... Read more
Ovar.io is an interesting web browser game that you can access for free and play with many opponents online. There are many characters featured in the game. When you spawn in the game, you direct a fleet of sperm around the arena to go kill other sperms standing in... Read more
Fly around in an amazing 3D world in Zor.bio game to fight against a lot of enemies from around the world! The game is pretty much inspired by Agar.io but it has several unique features. You direct a planet around in space to eat a lot of colored orbs... Read more
Hexagor.io is a realm-conquer strategy game that can be played for free in a browser. Get your skills, a strategic mind and warfare tactics ready in advance to compete against opponents. You start with just a small territory and now you must go vanquish more other adjacent land plots... Read more