Action Edition Action Edition is an upgraded edition of It’s a nice zombie survival game where players have to get through the hordes of zombies trying to tag them to turn them into zombies. At first, there is one player starting as the zombie. He must move around the... Read more is a challenging multiplayer web browser game about surviving in a dangerous world full of rivals and dangers. You enter this world with a solid spirit and a hope of getting through all the risks around you. The first thing you must do is to pick up lots... Read more
Play game and see how long you can survive the hordes of zombies? This is a web browser zombie-themed IO game dropping you into an arena where you must deal with all the dangers around you, especially the horrific zombies. With a hatchet and a spear in your... Read more
Nightwalkers is a survival game where you have to face off against terrible waves of zombies! You must prepare your strategies and skills in advance to get through them all. They are wandering around the streets at night, and if you don’t do something to protect yourself, you won’t... Read more is a web browser game about surviving in a world full of zombies. You are facing off against waves after waves of zombies in a huge arena and you must build many things to survive. Start to gather enough basic resources then use them to construct a base.... Read more is set in a blocky 2d world with a lot of challenges and dangers. You enter this world in order to fight against many opponents from around the world. You start with bare hands, so you must roam the map carefully to dig a lot of resources while... Read more