Play as a pixel soldier in a first-person shooter game called! It’s a free to play web browser game giving you a chance to show off your shooting skill. This is not an easy battle, so you must prepare your skill with strategies in advance to cope with... Read more is a web browser game where you have to control your fidget spinner to fight against other enemies in the same arena. Pick a color you like then jump into the action. You have to direct the fidget spinner around the map to pick up a bunch of... Read more is a web browser game about surviving in a world full of zombies. You are facing off against waves after waves of zombies in a huge arena and you must build many things to survive. Start to gather enough basic resources then use them to construct a base.... Read more is a 2D Shooter Upgrades game packed with actions. You spawn in a large arena full of enemies and you must slay them all to earn more points with experience. The in-game map is set in a 3d world, you can utilize plenty of types of weapons that... Read more

Free For AllIo Games August 22, 2018 0 is a fun web browser game dropping you into a sweet world full of tasty jams and pies. You have to hop around a huge map trying to absorb a lot of pies, cinnamon rolls with other tasty treats as you protect yourself from being absorbed by the... Read more is an ocean 2d shooter packed with actions. You play as a dangerous shark that is able to shoot the lasers to kill all enemy sharks standing in your way. Swim around a huge arena carefully to hunt for the enemies, and once you catch sight of them,... Read more