also promises to be a fun and exciting web browser game. It’s a combination between and You have to roam a huge map trying to absorb a lot of scattered power-ups in order to strengthen yourself before engaging in any clashes against the rivals. The more... Read more
Namcap is a team-based Power-ups game that is set in a complex maze. This game is inspired by the classic Pacman game where you have to control your character through the maze in order to gather all the dots while staying away from the enemy team. There are two... Read more
Join a super exciting Power-ups Space-themed game called Space Arena! You will have a chance to present your battling skill when joining a brutal space combat against so many players from around the globe. You start directing your ship around in space hunting for the enemies. Have your skills... Read more
Prepare yourself for an intense beach combat in a Power-ups free-for-all game called! You will come across so many players from around the world, and beating them all is your main task here. With a dangerous beach ball in your hands, you’d better launch it at the rivals... Read more game drops you in a tough battle between strong robots. Your main task in this power-ups free-for-all IO game is to get rid of all enemy robots that are getting in your way in the arena. Other robots are so strong and cunning, you will never know what... Read more