Join Evades.io game and fight your way to the top score! You will move through lots of tough levels, each of them has a starting and ending point. Your task is to pass between the two without getting hit by a grey circle. Be sure to pick up colored... Read more
In Antwar.io game, you control a single ant and your mission is to colonize your own land. You start by making some room for the colony, excavate dirt in the ground, place eggs within them for your ants to hatch within. In addition, you must go search for some... Read more
Mage War (Mwar.io) – an awesome web browser game about the mages trying to fight one another using their different spells. You are one of them and you must use your spells with deadly magic combos to kill your opponents. Make sure you drain their health using the magic,... Read more
Braains.io Action Edition
Braains.io Action Edition is an upgraded edition of Braains.io. It’s a nice zombie survival game where players have to get through the hordes of zombies trying to tag them to turn them into zombies. At first, there is one player starting as the zombie. He must move around the... Read more
In Starve.io game, you have to survive the cold and hunger that keeps threatening your life. This is an RPG Tower Defense game about survival. You will be placed in an arena where you must build crucial things to get through all the dangers around you. Start to get... Read more
Escap.io is such a hard web browser game where you play with a lot of online friends and try to conquer a long track full of deadly impediments. Your goal in this IO game is to reach the final destination safely, but you surely can’t make it there alone... Read more