Play a fun ocean-themed IO game called! You will be armed with a small boat and have to make your way through the watery world full of challenges so you can fight against many opponents for your survival. They are very strong and can cause you to be... Read more is a space battle game that is free to play. Give it a shot now for further challenges and see how well you can solve them all using your abilities. When you spawn in the space arena, you begin to control a spaceship to hunt down a lot... Read more
It must be so wonderful to experience a great magical world in a great MMO game called You will meet a lot of wizards, fellow mages and lots of monsters to deal with. Every single player has 7 elements to use for creating their own spells. You have... Read more
Do you think you can survive long in a city full of challenges? Join game now to find your answer and take this chance to prove your surviving ability. This is a great browser-based simulation game where you have to carry out a lot of tasks to prolong... Read more lets you compete against many skilled rivals in an epic battle. Have your skills ready for this fight and see if you can beat them all or not. You will be dropped in a safe zone where you first start the challenges, and this place totally keeps you... Read more
Blocker Survive also follows the popular Battle Royale style and promises to keep you addicted. Your task in this 2D Shooter game is to kill all rivals on the map in order to become the last man standing. This is everybody’s goal too, so the battle will become more... Read more